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Once you settle down on that massage table, all the thoughts, work stress and family worries take a back seat. Being surrounded by peaceful vibes in a quiet room with a good scent makes you feel relaxed even before the start of the session. This is the power good massage therapy has on your body. There is nothing more important than the soothing sensation between your skin and your therapist’s fingers. The sensation signals the brain to release happy hormones called endorphins in your body which transports you to the world of pure euphoria and bliss.

All your aches and pains slowly start diminishing into thin air making you stress-free and a happy person. The muscles in our body tangle up and form knots when we are stressed and anxious, but with the pressure and gentle movement of the masseuse’s fingers, those knots get de-tangled which brings relief thus making the experience joyful.

If you are also stuck up with something and your body feels stiff and there’s too much friction, then book a rejuvenating massage therapy in Long Beach, CA to relax your body as well as mind. Post the session you will be able to think more clearly with a fresh perspective and newfound strength.

By being regular will massage sessions, you will notice tension will slowly and gradually leave your body and mind, making you a lighter, calmer, and happier person. Visit us at Inward therapy today to spend some time on self-care and self-pampering as prioritizing yourself is the first step towards leading a happy life.

Why Choose Us for Massage Therapy in Long Beach CA?

When medicine fails, when nothing else works, when you are exhausted trying out different options to get rid of the pain, it’s time to switch to massage. Yes, you heard it right, a good massage session has the power to eliminate all the pains from the body, the pressure, and the touch of the therapist is like therapy that slowly absorbs all the stress to give you a body that feels lighter and happier.

It is very important while booking a therapy session to understand and analyze the qualifications and skills of the therapist. Massage is a craft, it’s a skill that is crafted to perfection with many years of experience and hard work. We know you want the best massage therapy sessions in Long Beach, CA, well you have come to the right place:

  1. Respect– We at Inward therapy treat all our customers with care, respect and understanding.
  2. Affordability– Our service prices are budget-friendly and kept at cost-efficient rates. We want to cater to the needs and requirements of the masses.
  3. Experience– Our therapists have extensive experience, consistency and dedication. They are expert individuals in providing a relaxing massage session
  4. Quality– We are known for our service quality and effective massage sessions. All the oils, and products that we use come from authentic sources.

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About Long Beach CA

Long Beach is a coastal city in California and is famous for a plethora of reasons. With excellent waterfront attractions to amusement parks and excellent food joints, Long beach has a lot to offer to its tourists as well as residents. The most attractive part of the city however is the land surrounding Rainbow Harbor, which is known as the Pike by the locals. It is a sea-facing amusement park filled with food joints, shopping areas and restaurants. The city is a paradise for food lovers, it will transport you to heaven with its scrumptious food.

It’s cultured, diverse and a great place to live in California. Though the cost of living is a little high the amenities and vibe are all worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the massage duration usually runs in increments of 30 minutes. 30-60-90 and so on. The most common duration of a massage session is 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Also, it depends on the type of massage as well. For instance, for a bull body Swedish massage, 60-90 minutes is the ideal massage duration.

Unlike traditional massages, during a Thai massage, you are expected to lie on a mat on the floor; the massage therapist then uses different rocking techniques to melt that built-up tension, improve flexibility and blood circulation, and is majorly focused on improving the energy flow throughout your body.

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