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Get rejuvenated with massage therapy.


Take a break from your hectic schedule and let your body and mind recover with massage therapy.
I am a qualified and experienced therapist operating through SoCal.
I work to provide results and relaxation in the environment of your choosing.

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With my magic touch,
I ensure you would feel most relaxed and
refreshed after the massage therapy.

I offer various types of massages like sports massage therapy, prenatal massage,
hot stone massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, etc.



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Highly experienced therapist.

Reliable and trustworthy.

Highly skilled.

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Massage Therapy Services in Huntington Beach, CA

Nothing feels more blissful than a relaxing massage after a long tiring day. There’s nothing in this stressful world that a good massage session cannot solve. It’s a feeling of tranquillity and blissfulness. The circular motions with the ideal pressure wake up the sore muscles, start healthy circulation, and release many feel-good chemicals and hormones.

If you are looking for an experienced massage therapist in Huntington Beach, CA, then contact Inward Therapy. Their experienced team can custom tailor massage according to the required needs. They are well equipped to provide sports massage, traditional Swedish massage, Thai massage, prenatal massage, and more. You can book a session online, through text, or by phone.

So, whether you want to book massage sessions to alleviate pain or seek relaxation post a stressful day, our excellent and well-trained massage therapists, with their vast knowledge, will melt all the discomfort away. When you leave, you will feel light on your feet and happy in your soul!

Providing Wellness through Massage Therapy In Southern California

Hi, I’m James and I’ve been performing massage therapy, tarot readings, intuitive consulting, and energy work for roughly 10 years. My massage sessions can be tailored to a myriad of needs such as sports massage, prenatal, traditional Swedish massage, Thai massage, etc. I bring all the equipment needed to your home or work environment and provide the most convenient and therapeutic service possible. I operate in Huntington Beach CA and all throughout Orange, LA and Riverside counties. Feel free to contact me and book a session via text, phone or online.

I graduated from the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences during 2012 and ever since I’ve been a full-time therapist. With a decade of experience, I’ve worked on many clients who’ve had occupational stresses, injuries from car accidents, and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, headaches, tendinitis as well as dull aches and pains, etc. Contact me for excellent and convenient massage therapy services in Orange county and the rest of Southern California.

My Services

Experience Our Services To Rejuvenate Physical & Mental Health

Life and Intuitive Coaching

massage therapist Huntington Beach

As a Life and Intuitive Coaching expert, I would access a deeper layer of consciousness that you may already sense but may not be consciously aware of.

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tarot card reading Huntington Beach

With our tarot card reading, we can uncover insights you never thought possible through their tarot cards. You can ask us anything about your business

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reiki Huntington Beach

Reiki healing is a great option for any health and wellness plan as it does not produce any side effects. It is known to relieve stress, anxiety

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Mobile Massage Therapy

massage therapy Huntington Beach

Our mobile massage therapy Huntington Beach and nearby areas provide expert massage in the comfort of your chosen place, be it your home, office

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Why Choose Inward Therapy LLC ?

I offer my services at affordable prices without compromise on the quality provided. My services are affordable and reliable, be it massage therapy, intuitive consulting, tarot or energy work. I take pride in saying that I have extensive knowledge and experience in my field and strive to offer these services consistently with quality and affordability.

– Integrity: I am accountable for services I perform and work to bring long term results. I treat my customers with integrity, kindness and honesty.

– Excellence: I provide high quality service with consistency, dedication, and excellence in whichever service I am needed.

– Quality: Providing the most effective sessions and therapies possible.

– Solutions: There are many avenues to relief. I offer sports massage, prenatal massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, and deep tissue massage in addition to my energetic services.

– Respect: Treating my customers with care and respect.

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Our Pricing Plans

Choose your best plan & package here

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Life and Intuitive Coaching
  • Life and Intuitive Coaching 60 minutes
  • Life and Intuitive Coaching 90 minutes
tarot card reading Huntington Beach
  • 2 Intuitive Tarot Questions
  • 1 Intuitive Tarot Question
  • 60-Minute Tarot Reading
  • 30-Minute Tarot Reading
reiki Huntington Beach
  • 60-minute Reiki Session
  • 90-minute Reiki Session
massage therapy Huntington Beach
Massage Therapy
  • 120-Minute Mobile Massage Therapy
  • 90-Minute Mobile Massage Therapy
  • 60-Minute Mobile Massage Therapy
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